Temple Complex
Tenkasi Shirdi Vaidya Sai
Special Decorations
Vijayadasami 2019-10-08
Guru Purnima 2019-07-15
Varushabishegam 2019-03-13
New Year "2019" 2019-01-01
Vijayadasami 2018-10-19
Vittal Rukmini Wedding 2018-10-18
Guru Purnima 2018-07-27
Rama Navami 2018-03-25
Varushabishegam 2018-03-08
New Year "2018" 2018-01-01
Vijayadasami 2017-09-30
Guru Purnima 2017-07-08
Varushabishegam 2017-03-09
Guru Purnima 2016-07-19

Live your life according to what had happened and what will happen. Lead your life knowing what your fate is. Always remain satisfied. Do not ever give any place for wavering or worrying.

- Shirdi Sai Baba

Corona: Temple Closed

No visitors or other persons are allowed due to government mandated measures for Corona Virus infection prevention.

- Administration

Note: Tenkasi Shirdi Vaidya Sai Prayer Hall cum Temple is CLOSED until further notice.

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