At Tenkasi Shirdi Vaidya Sai temple, on Pradosham days, by 5:50 pm, special pooja is performed for Nandi. The worship of Nandi on Pradosham days has distinct benefits depending on the day that Pradosham falls on.

  • Sunday: Auspicious things would happen
  • Monday: Good intentions and Grace would be given
  • Tuesday: Famine, hunger, and poverty would be removed
  • Wednesday: Would be blessed with good offspring
  • Thursday: Chance for long awaited marriage would happen
  • Friday: Enmity and resistance would vanish
  • Saturday: All sufferings would vanish

Note: The benefit of worshiping Nandi on a Pradosham day that falls on a Saturday is equivalent to the benefits of performing 108 Siva poojas. Hence, the pradosham that falls on a Saturday is known as "Maha Pradosham".

- Temple Management

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Do not think of my stories as meaningless stories. Consider them to be my true image. You will receive benefit according to your perception.

- Shirdi Sai Baba

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December 1, 2017
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Pradosham Worship

December 2, 2017
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Navagraha Pooja

December 3, 2017
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Sathyanarayana Pooja

December 15, 2017
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Pradosham Worship

December 30, 2017
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Maha Pradosham Worship